Wednesday, December 14, 2005

That's All, Folks!

I've just finished posting way more pictures than anyone has time to view, probably, but they do give a sample of our varied experiences. Be sure to view from the bottom up for proper chronological order. And don't forget to read the last post or two just before the pics! It's amazing what one can accomplish going to bed at 7:00pm and getting up at 2:00am. Yep, I'm getting over jet lag just fine.
Hello, Jet Lag! Posted by Picasa
Bye, Robert and Kate! Posted by Picasa
Shockingly disgusting "desserts." Posted by Picasa
Mmmm, chicken. Posted by Picasa
Tight squeeze. Posted by Picasa
It's a bit hard to tell, but these people here are doing aerobics out in this huge square, led by the blur in the center. Posted by Picasa
Parking strip turned into a little garden--seriously, you could see the old painted lines through the white gravel. Much nicer now, I think. Posted by Picasa
Monks catching a ride Posted by Picasa
Helmeted deck hand and Bangkok back alley Posted by Picasa
Crazy waterbus. Posted by Picasa
Afternoon at the Oasis Posted by Picasa
Topiary Elephants on Parade Posted by Picasa
Ugh. Look at that tongue! Posted by Picasa
Uh, yeah, freakishly giant lizard just wandering around the park . . . Posted by Picasa
Yikes--Big Lizard! Posted by Picasa
Lobby of Face, Bangkok--our fancy dinner place. Posted by Picasa
Yum--Shark Fins Posted by Picasa
It's Christmas All Over the World. Posted by Picasa
And the view out the other side of the Oasis Posted by Picasa
The view from (and of, in the glass across the way) the Bangkok Oasis. Posted by Picasa
And just outside, Street Vendor with Dog. Posted by Picasa
Ordering ice cream at Baskin Robbins. I had "Paradise Tea," which is Thai iced tea flavored. Ian had "Lychee Sherbet." Kate had "butterscotch swirl," and Robert, after much deliberation about what kind of shake he would like, decided on "Vanilla." Posted by Picasa
Bangkok Sky Train Posted by Picasa
Scenes from a Bangkok Mall, #3 Posted by Picasa
Scenes from a Bangkok Mall, #2 Posted by Picasa