Thursday, March 02, 2006

Different Trips

For the last several years, since I met Ian, really, I've traveled primarily with him. He's been out of the country without me (granted, for a fish conference, or more specifically a meeting of the Herpetological and . . . um . . . Fish Scientists Societies so not technically fun), but I've only been to places like Jerome Creek without him, or on Memorial Weekend trips with the girls, of course. This trip, however, has involved everywhere from 9 people I was more or less traveling with in London, to three in Porto, to just two in Lisbon, and from tomorrow it'll be just me. It's actually made it difficult to write--the experiences of traveling with a variety of people and to a variety of places I've been to before has made me notice old things in new ways . . . and I haven't spent a lot of time by myself really thinking about what I'm doing--I've been too busy just doing it.

So . . . All this to say that this may be my last post from overseas . . . but rest assured I'll bore you with tedious details, and thrill you with not tedious ones, as soon as I get back home. After all, everyone needs a tutorial on port, a review of the concerts that were the impetus for this trip, written by a friend of the soprano, and a description of the dog-and-accordion busking we were entertained with on the streets of Lisbon.

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KateMV said...

Well, I'm very interested to learn about what a dog-and-accordion busking is.