Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Fastest trip change in the West . . .

The reason I’ve left you all hanging about various events at Jerome Creek is that the striking of that set and the staging of the next trip happened very, very quickly and, as usual, at the end of trip two I didn’t leave myself any recovery time at home before plunging back into day to day life in Seattle (starting with a trip to the dentist a mere twelve hours after my return. And I have a cavity. Doesn’t get much more unpleasantly mundane than that.).

Specifically, I arose at 6:30 am and left Jerome Creek at 9:00 am on Thursday, 27 May, dropped Loper off at his home at around 1:50 pm, made it to Seattle just before 3:00 pm (yes, making remarkable time. I was very, very careful, but speedy), threw farm things out of the car and into the laundry area willy-nilly, shoved beach things in more willy-nilly yet, kissed Ian (at least, I think it was Ian . . . things were happening very fast . . . ), showered (or rather rinsed off), patted Spackle, scratched Kit (who had made the trip with me to be delivered later than evening to K&A, fresh from Barcelona), and was out the door at 3:45 to pick up Laura at work and drive to Portland to meet up with college friends for a weekend at the beach. Finally made it to bed, upon one of the most comfortable couches on which I’ve had the pleasure to sleep, around midnight. I’m tired all over again thinking about it.

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