Thursday, May 11, 2006

Taylor-made DogVentures

Send your Best Friend on the vacation of a lifetime with Taylor-made DogVentures. The fun begins with a pick-up at your dog’s home (collar and leash are the only necessities—we supply everything else), and a group ride in the camp car (up to four dogs per car) so everyone can get acquainted. We’ll stop once along on the way to the wilds of Jerome Creek, Idaho, for sniffing, marking of territory, erratic running around and that old dog favorite—Expando Leash Dog Maypole (unfortunately, heretofore it has been impossible to capture this spectacle on film as all hands have been busy participating in the Maypole). Once at our destination, we will take Rover and pals on daily hikes and trail rides, accompanied by Giant Dogs or Dragons (or horses to you and me), with countless opportunities to chase small wildlife such as rabbits and ground squirrels, and larger wildlife such as elk and the occasional feral cow. Camp Jerome Creek has multiple swimming holes, including the creek itself, a large silty pond, and several smaller seasonal pools. Most of our clients prefer to end their swimming experiences with a self-performed full-body massage in one of the many aromatherapy wood chip-covered horse corrals. After the day’s activities, it’s back to the ranch for a frenzied dinner of kibble—the other dogs’ kibble—toweling off, and an evening of snoring on various dog beds and rugs scattered throughout the facility, broken occasionally by hysterical barking at nothing.


ACB said...

HAHAHA! This is awesome. Can't wait to come to camp!

Chiara said...

Oh, wow. Dog Camp. Kill me.