Thursday, March 01, 2007

The Last Step

Two days ago I got my port removed, rather than cause the shit storm that teaching Ian to access it would’ve engendered. It’s great—I feel, now, completely free. In fact, for the last couple days, I’ve felt huge buffeting waves of energy flowing into me and knocking me around. I should clarify—this is definitely spiritual energy, not physical energy. The procedure was relatively short and minor, and took place with only local anesthetic and sedation (something like Valium but with even stronger amnesiac effects—don’t ask me what I did Tuesday afternoon but I’m pretty certain it didn’t include signing any legal documents), but the physical after effects have, nevertheless, included many naps and a lot of richly dream-filled sleep. No, the waves of energy? electricity? come when I’m lying in bed, or on the couch, and something hits me and I feel like I’m suspended, washed this way and that, on a warm, wild sea of possibility. It’s exhilarating, this life.

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Steff Z said...

I was at your good-bye party for Chiara, so I've met you and Ian once. (I'm the one who adored your bull-kelp stair railings.) I read your blog sometimes (say, when Chiara links to it). I just want to de-lurk to wish you the best, both for your recovering and for your Kiwi adventures. And best to Ian, too, with his antipodean fish-counting job.