Sunday, May 13, 2007

And, the last pictures for now . . .

Me in a narrow street . . .
House for sale on Sikinos!
Late ferry unloading on Sikinos (we were at the one restaurant in town, looking down on the scene)
Ian coming out of our bathroom in Lucas rooms. Note the interesting shelf and mood lighting above his head.
On the ferry to Naxos, where we are now Conversation: Ian: "I seem to remember a place that I think is a barber shop . . . or it's a gyros place." Me: "Yeah, I know what you're talking about . . . I can't remember either."

Turns out, the place is Mustache Gyros. Yum.


Chiara said...

Mustache! Gyros! Are you sure you didn't make that up? Because it is almost too awesome to be true.

Speaking of awesome, you look fab in that yellow shirt, pretty lady. I miss you. http://

Gregory said...

Calin, it looks like you are having a wonderful limbo. Great pictures. I wouldn't mind some more text, too!

I will refrain from reminding you to enjoy yourselves, since you clearly don't need it. So, keep going!