Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Back on Amorgos

This will be quick, as it's dinner time and you don't want to see Taylors when they're hungry. We're back on Amorgos, where we spent several days three years ago. We found Dimitri, the somewhat eccentric hotel owner we stayed with last time, waiting at the ferry (no sign or anything, but we recognized him, and I should note he didn't know we were coming; he was just waiting to see if anyone wanted a room . . . which is generally an effective way to get guests . . . if you have a sign . . . ), and we're even back in our old room. It's 25 Euros per night, and has a double bed, a single we use as a flat surface, a crazy, down-at-the-heels easy chair, a balcony, a teeny kitchenette, and a bathroom. Evidently, we're leaving Greece just in time--we take off the 23rd of May, and on the 25th prices double and crowds increase exponentially.

Amorgos is wetter than many of the other Cyclades. For instance, it rained here once or twice over the winter, and there are at least a handful of springs around the island. It's a long narrow mountain range, covered with crumbling terraces in the lower elevations, and with some surprisinly tall olives and even an oak in some of the narrow, steep valleys. The hilltops actually look a lot like the Scottish Highlands, only tilted a bit. Amorgos isn't quite all acute angles and precipices like Folegandros, but it's far from flat. Anywhere.

I do have a couple pictures of Fedra the horse and--wonder of wonders in the Cyclades--a frog, in a spring-fed pool of water--but I can't seem to get them off my flash drive right now.

My cold has progressed . . . on to Ian . . . so all's pretty much going as expected here. We'll be on Amorgos another 5 nights, and then we'll be starting on our way to a new part of our adventure . . .

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ACB said...

What a wonderful trip!! Sounds like you are "going" in just the way you wanted to. I'm so proud of you both - and envious! =] Can't wait to see where you end up next.