Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Last Night In Greece

Which we're going to spend on a ferry (9:00pm-1:00am more or less), on a bus (1:00am-2:00am), and in a 24-hour hotel bar at the Airport Sofitel (2:00am-6:30am), because there's a huge football tournament going on in Athens for the next three days and there are no rooms to be had in the entire city. No rooms. And we have to be there, because our flight back to London takes off at 8:15 tomorrow morning.

We're hoping to be able to collapse into sleep the moment the ferry pulls away from the dock here in Ermopolis (which is, by the way, a gorgeous Venetian-era city curved around a long bay) on Syros, and get our almost 4 hours before having to navigate our way around Piraeus in the middle of the night to find the airport bus. Quote from the Lonely Planet Guidebook: "Whatever you do, don't sleep out in Piraeus. It's by far the worst place in Greece to do this."

We plan to keep moving, so at least we have the appearance of wakefulness, even if we're asleep on our feet.

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