Saturday, June 23, 2007

Another Appreciated Delay

In addition to getting a couple extra hours' sleep on an overnight train, it's good to have your travel delayed when
1. You're kept in Hampstead eating rich, buttery, mushroom and ham and cheese crepes on the street until just over 2 hours before your flight from Gatwick, and you still need to haul your bags to Victoria Station and leave them in Left Luggage (because you only need a small amount of warm-weather clothes for the wedding in Italy and really, 4 months' worth of stuff is heavy).
2. It's at least 20 minutes (probably more) to Victoria Station from Hampstead.
3. It's at least 30 minutes to Gatwick from Victoria, once you've left your luggage, and boarded the train.
4. You've technically checked in, but you don't have your boarding passes and you do have to check a bag, because it has liquids and the ever-important but dangerous Swiss Army knife in it.
5. You still have to go through security.
And the you arrive at the airport, breathless, a little sweaty, and find that not only is your flight delayed, but your airline miles had actually bought you a business class ticket and you can spend your extra 1 1/2 hours unwinding in the BA lounge! Where (and yes, D, this is awesome) you can pour your own drinks--and not just wine. I had a Jack and Sprite.)

Hey folks--we're off to Portugal tonight (in yet another fancy BA lounge using the free internet), and will presumably be having regular internet access for about the next two weeks. I intend to post lots of new stories!

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