Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Fast Scotland Grab Bag

Okay, I've got six minutes left at the library here in Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland, so I'll just do some quick impressions.

1. Landscape in the Highlands? Surprisingly much like Greece. Rocky, some shocking hills, hardly any trees. A tendency toward sheep more than goats, but still a lot of bleating. Everyone's lambed recently, so there are lots of little snowballs all over the green hills (okay, yeah, that's not like Greece).
2. I love driving on the left! It brings back all the thrill of first learning how to drive. And shifting with the left hand is fun, too!
3. Frequently, I just drive in the middle because the roads are--literally--one lane. And this is major highways. There are frequent "passing places". I love this.
4. Tea-colored lochs everywhere. Beautiful. And tea-colored streams and little waterfalls everywhere.
5. Porridge. YUM.
6. Sausage and bacon and egg and beans and tomato andmushrooms and hash browns and cereal and tea and grapefruit--for breakfast!

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