Friday, July 20, 2007

New Technology=New Frustrations

Here we are in beautiful Bragança, in far northeastern Portugal in the mountains, in an area where several times on the “highway” we passed people going to or from fields on horse-drawn carts. We’re sitting in the CyberCenter, looking out over steep, golden-and-green hills and an ancient city with a medieval stone fortress at the center, which is still inhabited. Idyllic, no? No. Of course, for some reason, I couldn’t get the WiFi to work on my computer (this is almost unheard of for me—my computer has the best, in general, antenna of any laptop I’ve encountered. Perhaps the antenna is too good—I think maybe the signal was being crossed by another signal, but who knows. Certainly not me.), and then the Cat5 cable didn’t work for awhile, and so I’ve spent at least 30 minutes treading water. Or not even that, because at least when you’re treading water you’re getting some exercise.

ANYway. Enough complaining. It’s working now, so I’ll be able to tell you that we’re staying on the edge of the Parque Natural de Montezinhos, where we’re going to go hiking over the next several days when we’re not working, and maybe see wild boar (which we know from dinner last night is quite tasty), and maybe start to work off all the sausage we’ve eaten in the last month or so.

Someone told my Porto friend F that Portugal is either up to the minute, or medieval. It’s really true.

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