Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Some Pictures of Towns

Below are some pictures from Porto and Guimarães. Of course the pictures can't capture the atmosphere, but they do give a dim sense of the gorgeous visual cacophony. Porto, with its steep, narrow, winding cobbled streets and its soaring homes, with occasional hints of the courtyards and gardens hidden from the noise and grime of the streets, is one of my favorite cities to walk around in (and of course one can always stop for a glass of port and some briny cheese if one is fatigued). And Guimaraes, much the same but on a smaller scale, has one of the most beautiful town centers I've seen.

A street in Porto, in the Rebeira
Another street in the Ribeira (the Riverside)
The Ribeira seen from one of the many bridges.
The view from our attic window in Guimarães. The view was great, the smell (or rather the STENCH) of the room was not. With the rooftop doors open and the fan on, we were able to sleep. But it smelled like sewage and dead, rotten animals. Particularly one of the closets, although Ian said he looked and didn't see anything. Anyway. Pee-you.
The central square in Guimarães.

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