Thursday, January 15, 2009

I Totally Believe We Are Magic

We attended Warren and Annabelle's magic show in Lahaina the other night, and boy, it was amazing. I'm sorry that all the people I know who were going to be on Maui within the last six months have already been and gone, because this is something that I recommend for everyone to see. First of all, Warren is simply hilarious. He is smart and funny and quick and doesn't miss the slightest opportunity to make a joke, so the entire 78-member audience is laughing uproariously for two hours. Second, Warren is an amazing magician. N&K actually got to sit right by the stage and interact with him--and shocking things happened that they couldn't explain at all. Right next to N, a woman had the time on her watch changed, while she was holding it in her hand. N had a big hat put on his head; when it was removed and turned upside down, there was a bowling ball in it (the second bowling ball of two that came out of the hat). A man from the audience loaned a $100 bill. The serial number on the bill was written down, then the bill was lit on fire in K's hand while she looked at the serial number. It was taken away and put on a plate in front of everyone where it burned to ashes. At the very end of the show, it reappeared inside a whole lemon handed to another audience member (she cut the lemon open).

I have no idea how any of this was done, and I find myself believing that maybe it was, in fact, simply magic.

Of course, this video, which was sent to me by friend L, demonstrates just how little we see when we're not expecting it.

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