Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Resorting Life

Yesterday afternoon Ian and I joined in the fun of the weekly Putting Party (drinks only $0.50!) on the adult's putting green in the middle of the Napili Kai resort. The Mercedes Cup was finishing up at a neighboring golf course the weekend that we arrived, so golf was (I guess) on everyone's mind. Anyway, as resort activities go, this one turned out to be pretty fun.

We were all on teams of two, coupled with another team of two, and we all started at the same time, and all putted all 18 holes, so our foursome, for example, started on hole 7 and finished on hole 6. We were actually separated from each other--Ian was paired with a late-middle-aged woman named Karen ("my husband asked me to come because he needed a partner; I had no interest, but this is actually quite fun!"), and I with a 24-year-old kid named Brian--but then, Ian and Karen and Brian and I became the foursome. Brian and Karen were both from the Denver area, and everyone was in the mood for a good time (the $0.50 drinks helped a lot).

Ian and I each had a hole in one (and then Ian had a second hole in one), but then we had at least as many totally unhelpful shots, and decided that, of our foursome, we were easily the most erratic. By the time we finished, Ian and Karen had 50 strokes, and Brian and I had a mere 47.

Prizes were given at the end, and Ian and Karen won the "Nice Try" award, for doing the worst of any team! This entitles Ian to two free drinks at the restaurant! We noticed that the best score award, which went to a team with 32 strokes, also came with certificates for two free drinks.

Last night we watched a little VH1 to make up for the fact that we don't get it at home. What we happened upon was the first episode of a reality show we hadn't heard of before, where invariably awful girlfriends tricked their invariably awful boyfriends into a situation where all their disfunction was aired on national TV, called "Tool Academy". Yes, the first guy voted off was told "Your girlfriend is waiting outside. You are a tool."

All in all, a fun time.

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