Sunday, March 15, 2009

Day 10 Starts Out Very Like the Morning After a Long Night on the Town in Europe

We went out in Austin last night with J&C and several of their new friends, only one of whom was American (from Georgia). We had Bas (pronounced "boss") from Holland (who is a post-doc in neuroscience and helped explain to me what the MRI was doing), Andrea (he studies invisibility and can make nanoparticles invisible . . . of course, we can't see them anyway, it was pointed out) and Suzanna (she is a cognitive linguist working with language acquisition) from Italy and Holland, Andreas from Germany, and Gustavo also from Germany (I believe). I guess there were two Texans as well who joined us briefly, but I can only remember Coco's name, not the guy. Anyway, we started close to 8:00pm in a brew-smelling bar serving lots of great beers, many on tap, many of them Belgian, then moved (most of us) at some point, maybe around 9:00pm or 9:30pm, to a nearby Mexican restaurant (okay, that was not European) which was fantastic (and I am very glad I still have at least half of my dinner from last night). We finished up there around 11:00pm (very European), and went out to another bar for a nightcap. I ordered a house special martini which, in what I believe must be true Texan style, had muddled jalapenos as one of the ingredients (along with gin and a house-made blood orange-cello, like lemoncello). It was very good.

We made our way back home around 2:00am, I think (I can't really tell what time it is on my watch, and really not after several drinks), all fell into bed, and slept until almost afternoon today. My constitution stood me in very good stead, however, I am pleased to report, and so the experience of waking up after the long night on the town (and I was annoyingly self-satisfied about this) was that everyone else was feeling a bit grotty and I wasn't.

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Andrienne said...

as I approach my 22nd year of sobriety (in two days) I enjoyed your drinking very much