Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Update on the Sea Man

Ian said that a couple of the details were not quite as he remembered them (he's very diplomatic, even to me), such as, he was sick on Friday, not Thursday, but for the most part I got it right. He says the boat is maybe 60 feet long, so not huge (compared to yachts in Roche Harbor on San Juan Island). And the first sailor, the one who simply didn't show up, was also in jail (that's what they do to you if you break into the Coast Guard station . . . although how do you do that?), just not in Morro Bay. Somehow, he'd gotten further afield. There is no alcohol allowed on board the boats.

Ian also wanted to point out that it wasn't so intuitive to simply call 20 minutes apart, but that he had been out of cell phone range for almost 5 days, and I hadn't known (indeed, he hadn't known) when he was going to be back in range. And so for me to guess, from mountain Idaho, that he was close, was pretty cool. While we were on the phone at 10pm last night I heard coyotes and he saw a skate swim by, on the surface of the water (the guys decided not to swim after dark, when they had finished counting all their fish. Which, incidentally, includes cutting them open to see if they're male or female and cutting their heads open to remove their otoliths, or ear bones, which show yearly ridges similar to a tree's rings. And then they had fish and rice for dinner.). We are in very different environments at the moment.

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