Monday, November 30, 2009

Strange Days

Just a quick note to say that Ian and I arrived home safely this morning after about 20 hours of travel. Sorry I haven't posted in the last couple days--it turns out that Ian is a big time suck when he's not working. Starting Friday afternoon, all he wanted to do was eat fine barbecue with friends, or visit interesting and creative boutiques, or walk around the city that I'd already walked around, or the new city we'd just arrived at. He wanted to see parks and bookstores, music stores and churros vendors on the street. He wanted to sample sodas like "Pap" and "Kem" and "Bilz" (as tasty as they sound). He wanted to embrace spring in a new country, and he wanted me to join him. And so, writing fell by the wayside. Well, Thank Heavens, Ian's back at work already this afternoon, and will be for the rest of the week.

Anyway, I realized today that, because of the peculiarities of Daylight Savings Time and Standard Time, and the geographical positioning of Seattle and Valparaiso vis a vis each other and their particular time zones and the Earth, sunset today is pretty much the exact same time in both cities, meaning that, right now, 4:55pm here and 9:55pm in Valpo, there is pretty much the same amount of light in the sky. Valpo maybe really got dark about 30 minutes ago, but still, isn't that kind of crazy? No wonder people get jet-lagged.

This is a great map of daylight across the world.

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