Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Bathroom Instructions and Admonishments

It IS good for drinking.

I know this looks like a towel rack, but it's not.

Caution: this is not a Third World Country.

There must be some warning we can make about the shampoo . . . (and they were successful)

Yes, but does it flush?

Careful now, a baby can drown in two inches of water. And a turkey can drown in a rainstorm!
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Deane said...

Holy crap!

Robert said...

You know, both the Family Mart empire AND the Toto bathroom fixtures company had expanded into Southeast Asia during the time we lived there, but judging by your pictures and descriptions of Japan, the Thai versions of BOTH (especially the completely unelectrical Toto squats we used to use) have gone quite native . . .