Monday, March 15, 2010

The Trouble With Tempura

The hotels where we've been staying serve a buffet breakfast, a combination of Japanese breakfast foods and Western breakfast foods. The Japanese options are the same as for all the other meals—a large bowl of beautiful, glistening, translucent salmon eggs, various unidentifiable pickles, various fishes, and miso soup. The Western options include scrambled eggs, some sort of salty meat and some sort of potato (in La Vista, where we are right now in Kushiro, they're mini hot dogs and tater tots and fries), and a nominal amount of cornflakes. In La Vista, there has also been a big plate of onion rings. Not really being an onion-ring-for-breakfast gal, I had avoided them up until this morning, when I thought "why not add one to my miso and hot dogs?" Here is the ensuing conversation:

Ian: "How's that onion ring?"

Me: "It's squid. I'm ready to go home."

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