Sunday, February 13, 2011


Here's a picture from the dinner the night after the wedding--we're all--well, only some of us currently pictured--wearing "tribal" attire. In turbans are my high school friend K and his new bride A, then her father, then Sir Richard Branson himself. Second from the right is one of my roommates (the other was her 17-month-old ADORABLE daughter), Sophie Barthes.

Um, wow.
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allyson said...

Looking forward to hearing the stories behind the confluence of these people around this table!

Carolyn said...

Reading this post has been sort of like having a sore tooth i.e. one keeps touching it to see if it still hurts. I have looked at your photos three times now and, yes, the envy burns as much as it did the first time! What a fabulous place. Thank you for making me feel jealous in the nicest way possible. xxx