Monday, September 19, 2011

The Ol' Stomping Grounds

Hermaphroditic slugs making more slugs.

The view from up in the cherry tree.  Fun!

Spackle looks hopeful.  I'm staying in the tree.


Clearing in the woods.  This woods is MUCH wetter than the Idaho woods I'm used to.

An old inner tube wedged in a stump--a massive stump--down at the bottom of Mom and Marsh's driveway.

Spackle and Hoover on the driveway.

And, good ol' Loper. He is truly an amazing speciman of old doghood.

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nancy said...

This is a comment on your "I thought I was done with this."
I do not have your e-mail, and just wanted to respond to your last post!
I will miss you! But I understand where you are wanting to put "cancer" on the back burner.
It has crossed my mind at time, it must be very hard to think so much about cancer.
I have marveled at your beautiful writing, on any topic. That is truly a gift.
I can't keep a thought long enough anymore to get it on paper.
Among other things, but that is another story!!
I have met you once. At Your Mom and Marsh Music and Art party a couple months ago. I had the W/C, cards and book marks, table.
So just wanted to tell you good luck, with all you do. And I will still follow you on your wonderful travels!!!Hugs, Nancy

pattaya holiday packages said...

Wow you are living very close to nature, I love it! It must be very relaxing doing those trips with Spackle.