Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Virtual Journey

It turns out that I really want to write about everyday things, such as the UFO I saw during my trip home from Idaho last Monday evening, or my most recent visit with ET (for travel in Kenya: Mt Longonot is safe; Mombasa is fine before dark; Tsavo is safe from a jeep; give Lamu a miss).  I want to share my life—all of it—and shut off the flow of energy into cancer.  It will get the attention I absolutely need to give it—attending appointments, scans, treatments, etc—but that’s it.  I’ve learned a lot over the last several years, and I know that what I’ve learned has helped to demystify the disease, at least somewhat, for many others as well as for me.  But I’d like to put my not inconsiderable interests and strengths into something new.  So the virtual journey to which this post title refers is the journey from I Thought I Was Done With This to All This and Then Some More—I will point out that “this” in the first title refers to cancer; “this” in the second title refers to EVERYTHING IN EXISTENCE.  

Time to broaden mine.

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