Friday, November 30, 2012

Heading Home

We're in the Lima airport right now, about to board our flight to Atlanta, and then back to Seattle. It's much quicker this way than on our way out, because it's more of a straight shot to America North from this coast of America South than the other coast. It's only a three-hour time change from here to Seattle at this time of year, so our readjustment should be relatively easy. If you don't take into account the vastly different temperature gradients and amount of daylight.

Since I last wrote, our trip changed. We left the high elevations for the Amazon basin, which was AWESOME. I look forward to continuing my story wrapped in my new baby alpaca shawl, as well as many, many blankets, curled up in front of our fireplace and our twinkling tree.

But now, time to find our boarding gate.

one-fingered on my phone

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