Saturday, April 12, 2014

It Worked!

Just arrived at Residencial Dedei, where we stayed last time on Santo Antão, and it is perfect! My phone conversations in Portuguese (at least three of them, dialing direct from home) left me in a complete state of uncertainty. Whether or not I'd managed to indicate that we wanted a room, and which dates; and whether or not I understood if they actually had one, had, to my mind, an exactly 50% chance of us sleeping here tonight.

Heads stuck out open shutters as we disembarked from our shared van and collected our bags, then the main door to the courtyard opened and we were welcomed in, with laughter and a mention of three calls on their part, and laughter, appreciation, and relief on ours.
Now, NOW, we feel like we've really arrived.

Not a bad view looking left out our window, at the Boca da Pistola (the fishing harbor, called, rightly so, "Mouth of the Pistol".

A whole week here!

one-fingered on my phone

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