Saturday, April 19, 2014

On the Road Again

We've just been deposited at the ferry terminal in Porto Novo, about an hour before our boat leaves to take us back to Mindelo. I'm not at my best this morning, as my body seems to think I had an infusion two days ago (amazing how biorhythms develop), and so I'm more tired than one would expect, and more prone to nausea and, clearly, migraines.

Anyway, the early morning, the bolted bread and cheese, and the long, winding coast road have not been my friends so far today--and the strait that the ferry will cross is WINDY today, but Ian bought me a little latte at the ferry cafe, the loo in the fancy new terminal is clean and functional, and physical things are looking up and settling down.

We were able to pay our bill yesterday afternoon, and it was quite reasonable--a little under $250 for the week, including the room and the expertly done laundry. We chatted with the marido for a few minutes, who was sitting outside on the sidewalk next to a young man from town, talking about religious things (Easter is in air), and I was able to say in Portuguese, quite earnestly (although I would've used a different word if I'd had the time or the language for a philosophical conversation about faith) that Santo Antão makes it clear that God is good. The marido complimented me on my Portuguese, saying that most Americans don't know any, and my accent is good (which I think is true for the scant few words I know).

Dedei herself, this morning as we were leaving, said "Beijinhos!" and pulled me to her for kisses on each cheek.

Ah, Santo Antão. Já tenho saudades para você!

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