Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Rude Awakening

At 10 to 7 this morning we were jolted awake by someone trying to get through our outer door, the one that opens onto the balcony around the central courtyard, and behind which is a short hallway to our room and our bathroom (both windowed doors), plus two locked windowless doors. We both cried out, and Ian, who is closer to our bedroom door, was able to look out into our private hall in time to see a European man unlocking one of the windowless doors and going in.

Upon our return last night we had noticed a light on under that door, and our outer door had not been deadbolted, just pulled closed with the primary lock. The door to our own bedroom was not closed, but it was only ajar instead of wide open. We assumed the cleaner had left the doors that way.

It would appear that our hallway is not, in fact, exclusively ours. What we don't know yet is if our bathroom is. We haven't seen any signs of anyone else using it, but then again, signs would be hard to spot.

We have spread our belongings all over the bathroom. Every afternoon when we return home from our hikes, I've been taking off my bottoms and sitting on the little seat in the little tub, soaking my feet for 20 or 30 minutes, then finishing with a shower, all with the bathroom door open, and our room door open as well.

We sleep in the buff, and we've been wandering at will.

I know that this is all simply a misunderstanding, and that it will be worked out. We weren't supposed to be in this room; we were supposed to be in the one with the faulty shower. There were no mysterious locked doors in that hallway. And Ian managed to catch the man as he left soon after waking us, and the man spoke little English, but was able to tell Ian that he is here just two nights so tomorrow he'll be gone--but I'm sure all his prejudices about Americans being rude and entitled (the yelling, the deadbolting of the common door, the complete colonization of the shared bathroom) have been strongly bolstered by this experience.

Ah, travel.

Yes, the stranger is staying just one more night. No, he is not sharing the bathroom. There is a separate, small loo out on the balcony over the courtyard. His room is likewise quite small, and would presumably usually be used for a child, in a family traveling together. The residencial is utterly full tonight. We can live with this.

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