Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Up in the Air

I'm somewhere over Winnipeg right now, finishing my supper with a firm pear and a glass of Warre's ruby port.

Times certainly have changed since my first flight somewhere in the dim recesses of the past. PSA, the Friendly Skies, to California? There was probably some flight before then, but I remember the smile painted on the nose of the plane.

Ian just remarked, a trifle frantically,  that our flight time has only about 6 hours left to London, which means he may not have time for a movie after all, if he intends to get any sleep. It wouldn't be a bad idea to sleep, since our next bed is still about 20 hours and three continents away.

For my part, the pleasure of British Airways flat beds in Club World also makes ME a trifle frantic, because even though we're flying with miles and a companion pass (and so the actual price we paid was pretty small), it's a luxury with many options, and I want to get my miles' worth. Sleep, flat? Knit, with plenty of space to set out my yarns? Watch a movie I've been wanting to see (not Gravity, although that is an option), or a TV show (Girls)? Or, novelty of novelties, write a blog entry on my phone?

As I began writing, I thought of other travel journals I've begun on planes, mostly with the sentence "Are these seats getting smaller???" It turns out that yes, they were.

But shrinking seats is not an issue with a British Airways Visa and a (up until recently) flagrant spending style.
And so, here I am, feet up, quilt across my legs, trying to turn down the volume on the frenzy of the last few days while Ian's been out of town at a meeting and I've been preparing for this trip abroad to a not "developed", as we might see it, county. All this in the middle of keeping track of home sale ideas and home building plans, ancient dogs and grandmothers (Spackle turns 13 in July and Gma 99 in less than a month), recovering parents (Mom's hip is for doing great and she drove us to the airport), major astrological planetary interactions, and in general the struggles and inconveniences of daily life in a city. And, I'm writing this from my phone, which I am allowed to use, and which is now also my mp3 player, my backup camera, and my journal.

But we're heading for almost 3 full weeks in a place of stark, dramatic beauty, where people work hard to survive, and where even the color of the landscape is reserved and conservative. Blue sky, blue water, yellow sun, and dark gray basalt, with the only occasional green to remind you of the wonders of this world.

I am SO looking forward to this vacation

one-fingered on my phone

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