Monday, July 27, 2009

Back in Seattle

Spackle seems to be perfectly comfortable back here at home, but Hoover and I are having some difficulty readjusting. I was telling Ian last night, as I walked around the yard in the dusk, watering some things, and Hoover was grrrrring and rrrrrowfing at the people passing by less than 3 meters away from him, that Hoover was definitely a country dog living a city dog life. I paused, and sighed, and Ian said "Poor Sweetie-pie! You are a country girl living a city girl life."

It's true, I am. And for all the things I do love about the city (and there are many), the quiet, restful, natural independence of the country is definitely more to my taste.

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Robert said...

I might observe that you are more of a Jeffersonian than a Hamiltonian. (Can you tell which era of American history we're on this week?)

-- Robert V.