Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Pictures Part IV and final, of the Islands, I hope

Old driftwood on the beach. This really would've been a leviathan before it washed up on shore.

Another perspective of the same log. Ian is good with perspective. In lots of ways.

Not so much driftWOOD as driftTIRE SHOP.

The little islands around Ewing Cove.

Loitering by Shallow Bay.

Being smuggled into the US via the China Caves.

Our little boat, first one on the dock.

It doesn't look like we're actually safe from falling, does it.

Buoy in Reid Harbor. "Look, it's a C gull!" Ian said, and guffawed.

The fateful place.

Hey, that looks familiar! The top of the rainy grassy place is ours!

Trailer expertly maneuvered by Ian into the water in Deer Harbor, with me approaching from the distance, Kleenex glasses-wipers on high speed.

The view of a dark and stormy night. From inside.

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Robert said...

I actually had to zoom in to SEE your little boat (the last one on the dock).

-- Robert V.