Monday, July 20, 2009

Walks and Rides July 20th

Today we mostly took it easy--a stroll around the 80+ acres in search of cows (or steers, more specifically)--no luck. This was a pretty flower, though.

At one point, we lost the path and walked through this. I didn't think too much about poisonous spiders or snakes (thank you, Sonja) as I clambered through the undergrowth in my Keen sandals.

Some trees that I helped plant a couple years ago.

Four dogs in Northern Idaho.

More dogs in Northern Idaho.

Gratuitous Northern Idaho shot just for Joel.

The gate . . . to nowhere.

Northern Idaho shots attempted through my sunroof as I drove down 95 to Moscow.

My entire pack. Since we'd had a relatively easy morning walk, and I planned a relatively easy evening ride, all the dogs came, and they loved it. I have occasionally wondered how Sikem would respond to an injured dog lashed to his saddle.

An arty shot of myself. Note the averted gaze and the oblique angle. Mom, note the helmet.

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